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 Deeper Leaders are...

Seven characteristics of Deeper Leaders

Deeper Leaders are...
  1. Rooted in their values and purpose
    - knowing what matters most and where they stand on key issues. They lead with a sense of direction and with ethical and moral clarity, proven in crises


  2. Growing in awareness of their 'light' and their 'shadow' 
    - their 'signature strengths', their vulnerabilities and the impact of these on their leadership


  3. Humble and curious
    - always listening, learning, seeking dialogue, knowing that their wisdom and understanding is never complete


  4. Discovering, and expressing, their 'Voice'
    - living out their unique contribution, with a growing awareness of the difference only they can make and a sense of the legacy they want to leave


  5. Enabling the leadership of others
    - helping others find and express their 'Voice' at work and in the wider world


  6. Striving to lead with love
    - holding love as a universal human need that enables others to make their best contribution, while accepting that sometimes love must be tough


  7. Globally responsible
    - seeking to lead their lives and their organisations as active contributors to a kinder, fairer, and more sustainable world

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