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 Who we are

Deeper Leaders

We are a collective of experienced consultants, facilitators, coaches and
organisational development practitioners dedicated to
deeper leaders of organisations and communities,

as we learn to be deeper leaders ourselves


Adrian Lock

Director-Founder, Deeper Leaders

Adrian began Deeper Leaders out of a passion to help leaders explore deep questions about their organisations, their leadership and their lives. Whether he is working at an individual, top team or at organisational level, he loves to ask the questions leaders frequently neglect when caught up in the 'tyranny of the urgent' - questions that, when explored, can unlock the secrets to sustainable success.


Over nearly 30 years, he has coached hundreds of leaders and worked with over 30 top teams to develop their effectiveness, focus their strategies and build their resilience. He brings a combination of calm, compassion and challenge to his work. His clients have described his facilitation skills as world-class.


Cathy Korn

Consultant member

Cathy’s style is to work supportively but also to be challenging in the relationships with her clients, to offer honest feedback and to challenge the status quo; to facilitate learning beyond the superficial; and to seek ways forward to produce real and lasting change.​

She has extensive experience of working as a coach, facilitator, mediator and developer in organisations. She has designed and delivered a wealth of leadership, management, organisational development and executive coaching programmes tailored to meet the individual requirements of the public, private or not-for-profit sector client. She has also helped develop the effectiveness of many senior teams and Boards.



Steve Tarpey

Consultant member

Steve combines extensive commercial and ‘real world’ management experience with outstanding credentials as a developer, facilitator and organisational development (OD) practitioner. His commercial experience draws on many years' general and senior management experience in one of the UK’s major banks together with 20 years supporting organisations and leaders from all parts of the public, private and not-for-profit sectors both in the UK and globally. 


Steve’s work ranges from coaching senior leaders, devising and delivering leadership development programmes (often for diverse and global groups), to wide-ranging consultancy projects. He is also a long-standing faculty member of Roffey Park’s renowned MSc in People and Organisational Development.


Shelly Hossain

Consultant member

Shelly is an Organisational Development consultant and educator with a global reach and reputation. She has spent over 25 years supporting organisations in leadership and change work. She is a part-time academic and is a founding member and Board member of Organisation Development Network (ODN) Europe and NTL.  Shelly is also an Associate with leading development specialists who operate internationally. Her work includes running Masters and Certificate level programmes in Organisation Development, supporting senior leaders and providing consultancy interventions.


Shelly has a passion for social justice and has led on a number of award-winning positive action programmes. This includes leading the largest Positive Action Programme in the history of the UK Civil Service.


Alex Swarbrick

Consultant member

Alex is an experienced consultant, facilitator, executive coach, combining 18 years in leadership development and coaching with a strong background in HR. He works with leaders at all levels, across public and private sectors and across the globe. He has a deep interest in the relational aspects of leadership, and in intercultural leadership, having run leadership development and coaching skills programmes in over 20 countries.

Alex's clients value the strong relationships he builds which grow out of care, wisdom and a pragmatic approach. He is committed to people practically applying their learning, and coachees tend to comment on his insight, compassion and thought-provoking questions.


Simon Gott

Consultant member

​Simon has over 15 years of experience practising in the field of adult and organisational learning, leadership and development across the sectors and across the globe - in the UK, Europe, the Middle-East and Asia. He is a former Director of OD programmes at Roffey Park.

Simon helps clients to get clarity on what matters most to them, their teams and their organisations. He is super observant and this enables him to ask the tough questions with kindness and compassion. Clients appreciate his ability to maintain a focus on serious work, with a light touch and good-humoured approach.


Jeffrey SY Ong

Consultant member (Singapore)

Jeff’s wisdom and experience in Organisational Development, Learning & Development, Leadership and Talent Management has been built over 35 years working in Singaporean and other Asia-Pacific contexts.


He loves to work with teams on achieving clarity of purpose, relational processes and executing on their goals. Through coaching he also helps individuals through career transitions, performance improvement, personal, managerial, leadership and organisational development.

One of the strengths of Jeff's style is his intense curiosity. With incisive questioning, he delves below the surface to help his clients explore what is really going on and to remove the obstacles to delivering his clients’ desired results.

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