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Stronger TEAMS

The potential of teams

‘No-one is perfect, but a team can be’. So said Meredith Belbin of Team Roles fame three decades ago. But few teams fulfil their full potential and can easily get bogged down in unhelpful conflict or too much time on peripheral issues.

Re-energise and strengthen your team

We can help you build a management team from scratch or work with you to re-energise your existing team to  help it be all it needs to be to lead your organisation successfully in its unique strategic context. With established teams, we begin with a diagnostic phase and will delve deep below the presenting issues to the root issues that are holding the team back from functioning at its best. We will then develop a bespoke team development programme with you based on the issues that arise.

Here are some of the practical team challenges we are often asked to help with:

  • How can we accelerate the development of a new team so that it quickly becomes high-performing?

  • How can we work more as one united team, rather than leading and defending silos?

  • How can we build higher levels of trust and stronger, more cooperative team relationships?

  • How can we create a climate where truth is told and heard and harness the creativity of conflict?

  • How can we inhabit a more strategic space and not get so bogged down with operational issues?

  • How can we build a better and more collaborative relationship with our governing body?

Working with Top Teams

We most often work with Top Teams. In this context, our clients often also ask us to facilitate:

  • Mission/Vision development - helping develop and refine clear statements of strategic intent as a strong base for developing a business plan (see Aligning your strategies for more information)

  • Strategic reviews - helping them to review and capture the learning from the last operating period and scenario plan for the next

  • Developing an Executive Team Charter - an agreement as to how the team will work together more effectively from this point forward

  • Senior Leaders Development Programmes - taking them through a bespoke leadership development programme as a team. This proves particularly valuable when:

    • few, if any, have had any input on best management and leadership practice (quite common in new start-ups and small charities)

    • they have each attended leadership and management programmes in the past, but in different contexts and need a shared understanding and approach to leading the organisation

    • they want to 'model the way' as an intact team at the start of a comprehensive leadership programme for a wider leadership population

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